VITO LIFE - Eleuthero 400 mg, 100 capsules

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Dietary supplement

Eleuthero significantly improves our body's resistance against stress and is one of the strongest adaptogens.


The genus eleutherococcus contains more than 30 species of thorny shrubs, which originate in places such as Siberia, Asia, Japan, China or, for example, the Philippines. Eleutherococci are used as ornamental garden plants, but what is important to us are their medicinal properties. These come mainly from the spiny eleutherococcus, which is also called Siberian or faux ginseng.

Just like real ginseng, the most healing part of the plant in eleuthero is its root, which is processed into medicinal products - dietary supplements, teas, etc. It contains eleutherosides, starches, carbohydrates, anthocyanins, essential oils and waxes.

Regular use of the dietary supplement containing Eleuthero has a positive effect especially on our mental health, because it works as an adaptogen. This means that it significantly improves our body's resistance to stress. It supports cognitive and mental performance, but it is also a powerful natural antioxidant that boosts our immunity and the natural defenses of our body. It maintains normal blood sugar levels, helps too keep healthy blood pressure, and also contributes to fresh breath and normal breathing. It increases our overall endurance, contributes to a good mood, and promotes relaxation.

Recommended dosage: 2 capsules 2x per day, take with plenty of water

Ingredients: Eleutherococcus senticosus 400 mg, capsule (gelatin and white colorant: titanium dioxide)

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. This product is not a substitute for a varied diet. In case of contraindications, consult your doctor. Store in a dry place up to 25 °C. Protect from moisture and direct sunlight. Minimum shelf life until the date indicated on the label. This product is a dietary supplement - it has no approved medicinal effects and it is not a drug. Made in the EU.