The positive health effects of many herbal supplements are unquestionable. After all, many prescription drugs are based on substances contained in various types of plants. One example for all - wormwood or artemisin is used to make a strong antiviral drug called artesunate, considered one of the strongest drugs in severe forms of malaria. Each medicinal plant has its specific effects due to the amount of content of different substances. Which plants are considered the most effective? The most complex? In short, are there supermen among plants with an extremely wide range of effects that you must not miss?

For centuries, cultures around the world have relied on traditional herbal medicine to meet their health needs. During that time, without the need for modern science to examine all substances more closely, the original healers of those cultures, as well as our ancestors themselves, have revealed many extraordinary gifts of nature in their homeland. So let's be the first to throw ourselves on home soil, into Czech forests, meadows and gardens, what treasures are growing in our country, and from which the extracts are extremely effective.

Home treasures of folk medicine

If our grandparents were to compile the top 3 effective houseplants for various health problems or just to strengthen the body, they would certainly mention the healing legend - Stinging nettle, which supports the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, normal kidney function needed not only for proper detox, normal condition of our hair, nails, bones and joints but also the overall refreshment of the body. In addition to the extract, tincture or syrup can be easily made from nettle, and natural soap manufacturers often use it as a natural dye. The use of nettle is therefore so wide that it undoubtedly deserves to be on this list. Another is garlic - a symbol of protection for a long time. Garlic is one of the strongest natural supplements for the natural protection of the body and it is difficult to compete with some products of Chinese medicine. Because garlic may not taste and smell to some, a dietary supplement is an ideal form to use. One of the most important substances in garlic is called allicin. It is famous for its antimicrobial effects. It is also worth mentioning substances such as polysaccharides, flavonoids, saponins, lectins, vitamins A, B, C or trace elements such as calcium, selenium or iodine. In short, an extremely complex plant. And thirdly - St. John's wort. St. John's wort contains a number of substances that have a demonstrable beneficial biological effect - flavonoids, hypericins, tannins, procyanides, xanthones, essential oils or essential oils or phenolic compounds. Its most well-known effects are those on the psyche and mental health, but St. John's wort also excels in supporting normal digestion and normal kidney or urinary tract function.

Beyond borders and not only beyond Chinese traditional medicine

China is most often associated with natural healing, drawing on thousands of years of experience. You may have thought that Echinaea also came from this Asian country, but a mistake! Echinacea or conifer is a flowering plant native to North America, from Native American medicine. Definitely worth mentioning first, because not only we have this plant extremely popular because of its ability to immune system and natural defenses. That's not all, the conifer contributes to the normal function of the upper respiratory tract, as well as to the normal function of the lower urinary tract. If anyone can compete with it, it's ginseng. There are several varieties, but the two most popular are the Asian and American species - Panax ginseng or Panax quinquefolius. Ginseng contains a number of active ingredients. The most important are antioxidants, polysaccharides, peptides and saponins. For example, ginsan polysaccharide, for example, has been isolated from ginseng root and has been shown to have a potent immune system effect. Ginseng is also an adaptogen, is beneficial for cognitive and mental performance, normal blood sugar and contributes to natural defenses. It is almost impossible to create a top 3 from foreign plant products, but well, we will try to do the same as in the chapter with domestic plants. Thus, we rank Ginkgo biloba in third place. Ginkgo, originally from China, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years and today remains the best-selling herbal supplement. It contains a number of strong antioxidants, supports the microcirculation of the blood system, supports cognitive functions, contributes to better blood flow to the brain, and therefore perfectly supports memory and concentration. Ginkgo is also one of the first in detoxification programs.

How to choose a herbal dietary supplement and how to know them at all?

You may be faced with the dilemma of which accessory to choose. It is ideal to find out which active ingredient best suits your needs and go for the composition of the supplement. In our e-shop, we always state what health benefits the product brings and, of course, what is the content of the mentioned substance. We most often use capsules because they have a great advantage over hard tablets - in the case of tablets, a lot of nutrients are lost in the production process, but they are also not so much destroyed by stomach acids, so they can work better and be absorbed.